System brand: RN 1,000 gallon low profile

Our septic tank is designed and engineered so that it can be placed with less material needing to be excavated at a deeper depth. This can dramatically speed up installation time and problems that can occur when excavating at deeper levels due to rock or other harder materials.

Treat your home’s refuse with natural materials

Your home’s waste is no different than anyone else’s, but there is one thing you can control: how it’s treated. Our aerobic wastewater systems use aerators to supply oxygen to bacteria, which ‘eat’ biodegradable materials in your septic system.

Treat your wastewater, feed your yard

There’s nothing better for your community’s environment than reusing all the materials you can. With our aerobic sewage treatments, domestic wastewater is sanitized and returned to the earth. Waste is reduced to tiny, harmless particles that exit the system in the form of an odorless effluent, often via lawn sprinklers. This runoff meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation.

Wastewater Treatment Tanks

Our Wastewater Treatment Tanks and System is designed for treating domestic wastewater generated by normal household activities. The system consists of a single tank utilizing the extended aeration activated sludge process. The system is capable of producing an effluent which meets or exceeds applicable state discharge standards. This system has been successfully tested in accordance with National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standards 245 and 40.

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