Storm Shelter

Feel safe during all seasons, all hours

Imagine your worst fear: your loved ones caught in a tornado. It happened to us. In the 90s, an F5 tornado came through and we had no place to take our family. That’s why we’re dedicated to building and installing the best shelters for you and your community. Designed in accordance with the strictest standards from FEMA and the American Tornado Shelter Association, our shelters are tested for durability at Texas Tech University’s National Wind Institute. Models available:

Outdoor concrete shelters

  • With polyurethane premium grade high performance elastomeric sealant
  • Reinforced ceiling and walls
  • Two-piece unit with heavy-duty sealer between parts
  • Double hand rails for safe, easy entry with skid resistance steps
  • 6” wind turbine for ventilation
  • 6” vent
  • Strongest, sturdiest concrete
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty against leakage
  • Reinforced steel in shelter walls
  • Gas spring and 3-point locking system
  • Minimum of 6,000 psi concrete
  • GPS Coordinates to turn into your fire department
  • Doors and Steps Now Powder Coated!


  • Meets or exceeds FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards
  • 6’2″ tall inside dimensions
  • Heaviest door of any on the market (Powder Coated)
  • 6,000psi concrete
  • 4″ thick walls, top and bottom
  • Fiber and Steel reinforcement
  • Straight Shot to install location 10 ft wide 14 ft tall. No Fence.

Ask how we can customize your shelter for your home

We look forward to working with you to design and install a shelter that meets the top safety standards and will make you feel protected during bad weather.

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